Trekking or Climb mount Agung
Going to Pasar Agung temple by car and then will be start climbing form Pasar Agung Temple and take around 3-5 hours to get the peak of Mounth Agung, 3-5 hour climb during which you ascend about 1,800 metres Mounth Agung is the highes mountain in Bali
  Rice field trekking
not far from the hotel there are many places to see by walking
  Sidemen is unuque village in between Besakih mother temple and Pasar Agung tempel and take around 1 hours from Abalone resort
Songket cloth is often brocaded (sungkit or nyuntik; decorated with an extra weft) with metallic thread. This cloth is often worn during weddings and other religious occasions by the royal family and the upper class.
Songket cloth is still backstrap woven by independent weavers in Sidemen, Bali.
  imazing water fall in east part of Bali name is Sekumpul water fall realy big water fall in Bali and not much people know this place yet

About 10 km east from Abalone Resort, are the ruins of a vast royal pleasure garden called Taman SukaSada, built in 1919 and suggestive of a kind of esthetic delirium on the part of Royal Karangasem at the beginning of the 20th century. The base-reliefs on the surviving pavilions of the Taman Ujung pleasure garden show the same elongated style found in reliefs in the Puri Kanginan. This water palace has three large pools. Furthermore, the architecture is combination between European and Balinese influence.

  Pura Pasar Agung is one of an infortant big temple in Bali and Pasar Agung temple is located in southern part of Mounth Agung The second route, reputed to take four hours (one-way), proceeds to the southern peak and commences higher from Pura Pasar Agung, near Selat Village.
  Snorkeling - Scuba Diving

We have two German speaking guides.
Paradise Diving Indonesia and the email address is The instructor name: Daniel and Michael.
And email to The instructor name: Herbi

Close to Abalone resort there are best and famous Dive point called “Gili Tapekong” or “ Goat Island ” as formerly there were many goats lived there and on the west it appears like milestone ngilitepekong “Gili Mimpang”. You need 15 minutes to reach diving location by traditional boat and the snorkeling point is only 15-20 minute from Abalone is Blue lagoon is the best snorkeling point in Bali

Diving and Snorkeling
Abalone are very close to the most famous dive sites/spots and easily can arrange by to anywhere you want to dive in Bali.
Car Tour
a half day or full day(8 hours) tour to see the culture of Bali, rice terrace, temples, Balinese dance and many thing are interest to see
Fishing Adveture
easily can arrange fishing adventure with local people in the front of the resort.
Trekking or Climb mount Agung
Biking around the rice terrace
Rafting and many more
Massage treatments


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